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Welcome to Rising Fog Productions, where storytelling meets heart. Based between Washington DC and Kigali, Rwanda, we believe in the power of humanizing stories, capturing the essence of individuals, communities, and cultures from all corners of the globe. Our passion lies in collaborating with talented creatives worldwide to craft compelling narratives that resonate deeply with audiences. With a focus on authenticity and empathy, we strive to shed light on the diverse tapestry of human experiences. Whether it's documenting personal journeys, exploring social issues, or celebrating cultural heritage, we're dedicated to bringing meaningful stories to life through the lens of our collaborative vision. Join us on a journey of discovery, connection, and inspiration through the art of documentary filmmaking.

FOUNDER - Johnny Holder
Johnny is an award-winning filmmaker who has worked with a variety of organizations including NASA and National Geographic. He earned a B.S. in Geography and an M.F.A. in Science and Natural History Filmmaking from Montana State University after serving for eight years in Army Special Operations. He focuses on inclusive and humanizing storytelling that explores humans' relationship to the environment and was selected for fellowships with Jackson Wild and the International Wildlife Film Festival. His most recent short film, Sonora, was made with Juan Pablo in Colombia and has received over 20 official selections and won nine awards from some of the top festivals in the industry including Jackson Wild's Special Jury Award for Diversity and Inclusion.

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