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Director/Producer/Director of Photography/Editor


Filmed in and around Bogota, Colombia

Sonora is an experiential short film exploring how the senses are used to connect with the environment around us, featuring Juan Pablo Culasso, a renowned birder that resides in Colombia.

WINNER - Best Documentary - "Latin America Through the Eyes of the World" - Santiago Wild
WINNER - Best Short Film - DC International Film Festival
WINNER - Best Student Film - International Wildlife Film Festival
WINNER - Best Documentary - Visibility Film Festival UK
WINNER - Best Sound Design - LA Independent Shorts Film Festival
FINALIST - Best New Vision - International Wildlife Film Festival
WINNER - Best Documentary - Spotlight Film Festival
WINNER - Best Land Film - San Diego Environmental Film Festival

WINNER - Jackson Wild 2022 Special Jury Award for Diversity and Inclusion:
A unique award in 2022, the final jury decided in their review process that one film undoubtedly deserved additional recognition. From the jury: "The film beautifully depicts diversity with its representation of those involved in conservation. It also explores the storytelling tactics that provide opportunities for audience inclusion. Sonora presents the auditory world of a sightless person on his mission to record rare bird songs in the remote nature preserves of Colombia. We [the jury] felt that this film reminds us that sound design and audio are a crucial part of the craft and that the experience of cinema should be accessible to all."

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